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Job search tips…that will help you land more interviews.

How to make your resume stand out?

  1. Deliver extraordinary service.
  2. Incorporate industry keywords and buzzwords into your resume, but don’t overdo it.
  3. Address customer pain points.
  4. Use a modern, professional format.
  5. Do business differently than your competitors.
  6. Focus on a narrow niche.
  7. Create a powerful offer or guarantee.
  8. Create a memorable culture.
  9. Make sure it is error-free and easy to read.
  10. Create a cause marketing effort.
  11. Become a social business.

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Below are some frequently asked questions and tips on answering them:

Helpful tips for going for an interview

You must be well prepared to go for an interview. Some of the tips for going for an interview.

How to stand out from the pack?

The job market is very competitive and you must stand out from the pack. There are usually hundreds of applicants for any one job, so employers have to look at a lot of applications in a short period of time. The important thing is that your resume must stands out from the rest.

  1. The first step is that your application doesn’t go straight on the ‘not selected’ dump.
  2. Do some research about the company, not just the job.
  3. Tailor Your Resume to fit the job.
  4. Avoid dodge. Don’t trick your recruiter and use fancy words, fonts etc.
  5. Stand Out in Your Interview.
  6. Get Feedback and contact. It is good to write back to your recruiter after the interview, even if not selected.

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Filling out job appling forms online

Be Careful

If you are careful about following instructions on your application, an employer will probably think that you may be as careful as an employee.

Be Neat

Print or write clearly so that your application can be read easily. Use a reliable black or blue ink pen.

Be Certain

Before you begin to fill in the blanks, read everything on the application carefully. After you complete the form, read it again to ensure no information is missing.

Be Prepared

Fill out a sample application form to bring with you. You can obtain one from your Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions. By having all the information about yourself ready ahead of time, you will be complete and accurate.

Be Alert

If you are not sure about the meaning of abbreviations, etc., ask the person who gave you the form to explain.

Be Complete

Answer every question. If a question does not apply to you write “Does not apply.” If you wish to discuss in interview write “Will discuss in interview.” Remember, however, you do not have to answer illegal questions on applications or interviews.

Be Correct

Watch your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Be Thorough

Describe all your skills and abilities. Also, list the kinds of computers, machinery, equipment, and tools you are able to use. Indicate any licenses you may have.

Be Accurate

Make certain all information is correct. Check employment dates, telephone numbers, and addresses for accuracy.

Be Prudent

When listing references, be sure to contact them ahead of time. Have enough references so that you can alternate them every other application. Otherwise, they will be receiving constant phone calls about you.

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Identifying job scams

Money for job

Never ever agree to a money for job offer. This is 100% scam for sure. They may ask to pay for some hardware or software or some material which will help you to work for the organization. Never agree to it.

Don’t share confidential information

Never share banking, credit cards or any online credentials of social network accounts. Your personal information like parents, siblings, place of birth etc. is also vital and it should be disclosed when you are 100% confident of the organization.

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Too catchy and appealing

If the job is too good to be true than there is high probability of a scam. These are some of the reasons and all may not be true.

  1. They contacted your offered something out of the blue.
  2. You never heard about the company that offered job or no online presence.
  3. They offer you a high salary which is way more for the job.
  4. You get the job without an interview.

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Unclear Job Requirements and Job Description

  1. Requirements are too simple to qualify.
  2. May be internet connection or above 18 years of age or citizen.
  3. It could be a job scam email.

Job interview my text messenger

  1. If interviewer interviews by text messenger whatsapp, yahoo messenger, Skype chat etc.
  2. You need to do an extensive research for such companies.

Emails sent from a personal email account or no contact information

Beware of job offers or interview calls from organizations that were sent from personal or free email accounts. The recruiter emails should be

Simple grammatical errors

Look out for simple grammatical errors. This may be a starting point for any investigation.

Follow your instincts

When you get a call or email for a job offer just follow your instincts, sometimes your instincts help you to judge a scam job.

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Transition to a new career

  1. When you step into a new career the least you can do is to be on time.
  2. Maintain a healthy routine in the new job.
  3. Spend sometime to know about the culture of the company.
  4. Prepare a checklist for your key capabilities and match it to the company. There is always opportunity waiting for you.
  5. Build a strong bond with your colleagues and your managers.
  6. Find a person to guide and mentor you, sometimes your manager or a senior colleague in the company can play that role.
  7. Repeat the above steps and never stop networking.

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Networking is the process of contacting people who can either give you information about potential job openings or introduce you to others who have this information. The ultimate goal of networking is to meet the person who has the authority to hire you for the job you want. Networking is also effective through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


The best for job search tips is to implement all of the above methods. You need to take the Omnichannel approach to land more interviews and finally your dream job. My best wishes are with you.

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